Benefits of Fiber

Fiber internet out-performs its broadband competitor in every way.

The fiber optic cable is much stronger than traditional copper, which makes it more reliable. The data transfers over a beam of light, which is less interruptive and provides the highest internet speeds available.

  • No buffering

  • Speeds up to 1 gig* for downloading, streaming, gaming

  • Weather immunity

  • Low latency

  • 4K video streaming

  • Support multiple devices at once

*based on price tier selection

Tuttle Fiber will offer:

Competitive Pricing + No Service Contracts + Not-for-Profit Utility



The installation process can take up to 4 hours, and availability will depend on weather and customer queue. 


This progressive roll-out started in 2017, and is scheduled for completion by early 2020.

cost of fiber

The Best Price on Tuttle’s Fastest Internet