Who owns Tuttle Fiber?

The Tuttle Development Authority, a trust of the City of Tuttle. The residents collectively own this not-for-profit system.

How is this a not-for-profit utility?

The City of Tuttle is never going to “make money” by offering this public utility to its residents. While the City of Tuttle operates the fiber internet system, it does not “own” the system. The service has been competitively priced, and any income that is made through billing will be reinvested directly back into the system for improved service, maintenance, upgrades, etc.

Why is there an installation fee?

We’re asking our neighbors to share a small part of the “last mile” fee for residential fiber installation. That means, running the line from the main at the curb into the house. This one-time fee of $240 is just a small portion of the $1,000 actual cost the City of Tuttle is absorbing every time we plug into a new home. Make a one-time payment or set-up a $10 per month (for 24 months) fee on your bill. There’s no contract! Just pay the remainder of the installation fee should you discontinue service.

Do I have to use the router provided at installation?

No, if requested you may use a pass-through router device that only translates the fiber to Ethernet, allowing you to plug in your own router if necessary.

Are there any discounts available for seniors, veterans, or other people at need?

Discounts are not available.

What speeds should I expect to see with this service?

You will always be provisioned the advertised speeds through our service, and never limited or capped on data.

The types of devices using the service may limit your use of the full speeds you receive, or cause interference that lower speeds. Below are all examples of common factors that could cause slowness:

  • The age of your devices

  • Device capability

  • The amount of devices

  • How they are connected to your router

  • The distance from your router

  • The walls in between the router and your devices

The best way to ensure the highest speeds is to hardwire your devices to your router, or use the Wi-Fi within the same room as the router.