For installation, our technicians will perform the construction and installation in one visit. A typical appointment can last up to 4 hours, and availability will depend on weather and customer queue. However, this includes the construction from the main fiber line on the street up to your home, the inside installation, as well as the router installation. This means you will be fully online by the time they leave!

The only variant on length of appointment would be if the home is a longer distance from the road, which may necessitate a longer period of time for the construction time, or if there are any obstacles in the yard or home that need to be avoided.

A one-time installation fee of $240, or $10 per month for 24 months, will be assessed. Residents are sharing only about one-fourth the installation costs with the City. The installation fee includes a FREE dual-band, four-port, wireless router that brings Tuttle Fiber to life inside your home.



Benefits of fiber

Fiber internet out-performs its broadband competitor in every way.


This progressive roll-out started in 2017, and is scheduled for completion by early 2020.

cost of fiber

The Best Price on Tuttle’s Fastest Internet